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The library containing cca. 16 000 volumes is an elemental part of the Kállay Collection. All the books were donations to the Collection. The first transport arrived to Nyíregyháza in 1989, which was followed by other donations in 1990 and 1992. Almost 6 thousand volumes of books, journals, publications arrived in 60 boxes from the family libraries of Dr. Kristóf Kállay (1916-2006), Marquis Hubert Pallavicini (1912-1998) and Baron Gábor Apor (1889-1969). Shortly the number of the donators considerably increased, since Dr. Kristóf Kállay's (1916-2006) two brothers dr. Miklós Kállay (1918-1996) and András Kállay (1919-1995) were also among the donators of the Kállay Collection. MoreoverKristóf Kállay (1963-) the member of the Diet of Hungary (1990-1994), and Helén Kállay,son and daughter of dr. Miklós Kállay (1918-1996), as well as Dénes Kállay (1948 -) living in Göttingen, son of András Kállay (1919- 1995) are also donators. The museum founder's older son András Kállay (1944-2013) from Switzerland brought us books until his death, and Kristóf Kállay's younger son, Miklós Kállay (1946-) with his wife Julianna Muskát from Rome have regularly developed our library.

Published works of the Hungarian Literature in the West (émigré literature) got to the library through Kristófné Kállay Vera Vásárhelyi (1922-2000), such as works of Ágnes Mária Csiky, András Domahidy, György Ferdinandy György, Sándor Márai, etc, most of them are dedicated. Dr. Géza Papp dentist, who were originated from Transylvania, immigrated with his wife Mária Sebestyén to Rome. They got acquinted with and made good friends with Vera Vásárhelyi during staying in Rome. They gave Vera Vásárhelyi their valuable books, who donated them to the Kállay Collection.

Johanna Ilosvay, widow of Ferenc Ilosvay (1914-1990), who were author, journalist and relative to the Kállay family through his father's great-grandmother, continuallydeveloped our library between 1993 and 2017.

Dr. Ákos Nagy (1913-2006) born in Nyíregyháza, sent us 77 kinds of journals with 2293 Numbers published by Hungarian immigrants from Australia, for example Dobó Katica Tudósítója (Katica Dobó's Report) (Canada), Hungarista Tájékoztató Szolgálat(Hungarist Informational Service) (Australia).

The themes of the books show us the sphere of interest of the donators such as Hubert Pallavicini interested in arts, had several wonderfully illustrated publications about architecture, painting or applied art, for example: Alfred von Wurzbach: Die französischen Maler des Achtzehnten Jahrhunderts (Stuttgart: Verlag Paul Neff, 1879.) is an imposing book with 47-centimetre (18,5 in) spine.

A significant part of our library contains books with the themes of history, political sciences, theology, geography. The donators were interested in the happenings in Hungary, such as the Revolution of 1956, stalinism, socialism, which can be proved by the books with these themes.

A larger unit of the books are about nature, flora and fauna, and hunting and there are travel books about countries or cities.

The books were written in several languages. About 30-40% of them are in Hungarian, the others are in English, German, French and Italian, but there are some in Spanish, Latin and even in Arabic.

The books in our library are not for loan. The cataloging of the documents of the library in the Corvina integrated library system is continuous.