Dr. Miklós Kállay de Nagykálló (Nicholas Kallay)

(23 January 1887, Nyíregyháza – 14 January 1967, New York)

(Abstract of the Hungarian original works)



His father: András Kállay de Nagykálló, served as lord-lieutenant in Szabolcs county.

His mother: Vilma Csuha

He was their fifth son.


1906: graduat ed from the secondary school of Budapest

Universities: Budapest, Genf, Drezden, Paris

He was married to Helén Kállay in 1914 and they had three sons: Kristóf, Miklós and András.




His career:

First he served as a judge (ludex nobilium) in Kisvárda, thenas chief judgein Nagykálló.

1922-1929: lord-lieutenant in Szabolcs and Ung county.

1929-1931: under -secretary for the Ministry of Trade (the minister's deputy)during the Bethlen-government

1932-1935: Minister of Agriculture during the Gömbös-government

1937-1942: first president of the Office for National Irrigation

9th March 1942 – 19th March 1944: Prime Minister of Hungary



After the German occupation he found shelter at the Turkish Embassy in Buda, where the Nazis captured and sent tothe jail in Margit-boulevard in Budapest on 19th November 1944. Then he was transported to the following places: Sopronkőhida (village near the Austrian border), concentration camps of Mauthausen and Dachau, later Innsbruck and the Dolomites. He was liberated in Capri Island, Italy on 4th May 1945. He stayed in Italy until 1953, then he moved to the US and settled there.




He was the Grand Old Man among the Hungarian immigrants in the US. He wrote articles, delivered speeches (he published his memoirs, his speeches and his articles as well), visited plenty of the Hungarian immigrational centres of the US and Canada. He also made atour of South America. He died in New York in 1967 some days before his 80th birthday. Béla Varga (Hungarian Catholic priest, politician, 1903–1995 ) delivered an eulogy at his funeral on 17th January 1967. His sons buried his mortal remains in the family's vault in Kállósemjén on 17th April 1993.

Ferenc Kovács, current ma yor of Nyíregyháza and Csaba Hende, current Minister of Defence of Hungary unveiled Miklós Kállay's commemorative plaque on 13th December 2012 short before his 126th birhtday.


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