From 1906: worked at the Ministry of Finance led by Sándor Wekerle

1912: secretary of the Budgetary Department in the Ministry of Finance

During the Hungarian Soviet Republic (21 March - 1 August 1919) he went to Szeged and then to Wien where he joined the antibolsevic movements.

1919: state secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, later chairman of the Liquidating Office, member of the Hungarian delegation of the Treaty of Trianon

1920: Count Frigyes Korányi called him back to the Ministry of Finance and entrusted him to establish the TaxationOfficein the Ministry

1921: Minister of Finance, major task: keeping state budget's balance

1924: prepared for the establishment of the Hungarian National Bank

1928: left the Unity Party and did not want to be a member of any parties

Until 1935: he was elected as an independent member of the Diet of Hungary by Nagykanizsa and he served for two periods

After 1935: leader position in several associations and joint-stock companies.


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