Notes on the 20-year-old Kállay Collection

(Abstract of the Hungarian original work)


In 1st January 2013 the local government of Nyíregyháza with its county rights took control of the following three museums: Jósa Anrdás Museum which holds county scope, the famous and popular Open Air Museum of Sóstó and lastly their smallest and youngest sibling, taking care of a very rare collection, the Kállay Collection. The history of establishment of the Kállay Collection has been documented by several people on several occasions, especially by my predecessor Sarolta Lakatos; hence it is not the subject of these notes.

The Kállay Collection treasures not only the memory of an ancient Hungarian noble family originated from the time of Árpád and the Hungarian Conquest; or the memory of Miklós Kállay (Nicholas Kállay), Prime Minister of Hungary; or that of the Austro-Hungarian Minister of Finance; or the Royal Hungarian Minister of Finance, or lord-lieutenants and vice-counts; but actually a part of our county's or rather of our country's history. In such an era morality was perhaps still important despite the fallibility of man, and a given word, especially that of a nobleman's, still carried weight and meaning.

The collection consists of all kinds of rare items, such as orders, insignia with rank signs, personal objects, lots of photos, books, memories of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, plenty of others which make, among others, the Kállay name and the Collection unique. Our books contain exlibris, signatures and dedications of Franz Joseph I Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary, of princes, of princesses, of Miklós Horthy, of Sándor Márai, of writes and of poets... Our insignia were worn by various diplomats and politicians of high standing. Our silver items were crafted by one of the most famous goldsmiths in Wien, Oscar Dietrich.

The history of the Kállay family reaches back to more than 800 years as documented by historical sources, making it one of the oldest families of Hungarian nobility. The citizens of Nyíregyháza can be proud of the fact that they gave a Prime Minister to our country, as well as of the Kállay family members who were chamberlains, lord-lieutenants and vice-counts in service of emperors and kings; who fought on the side of Matthias I (1458-1490) King of Hungary, fought at Mohács in 1526 against the Turks, they stood up for the Kings of Árpád dynasty during the Oligarchic Era (1270-1321) and afterwards eagerly supported Charles Robert (1310-1342) King of Hungary.

Now that the Kállay Collection is 20 years old, we are going to celebrate by holding a conference and by making small brochures (if we have money for it), moreover we are going to celebrate Prime Minister Miklós Kállay's (Nicholas Kállay) reburying anniversary in Kállósemjén.

Well, if you are curious about the exhibition of the Kállay Collection, please come and visit us at the 1st Széchenyi Street on the second floor of the Nyírvíz Castle (Nyírvíz-palota).


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