First director of the Kállay Collection, Dr. Sarolta Lakatos (1946-2014) passed away


The founder-director of the Kállay Collection, Dr. Sarolta Lakatos died suddenly and unexpectedly in March 2014. She directed her beloved museum for 18 years. During these two decades she made basic inventories and familiarized the people with the name of the Kállay Collection both locally and nationwide.

The first time we met in 1994, she was preparing for the defence of her Ph.D. thesis. Saci Lakatos – as we museologists named her – did the enormous work of making inventories of more than 10.000 items and photos. She made the section of orders and insignia in the Kállay Collection internationally famous and well-known. During the years she became an accomplished expert in history. We took part in conferences many times. Since both of us were interested in the auxiliary sciences of history, we became regular participants in symposiums of Numismatics and of Phaleristics. She was known as a skilled orator and a dutiful historian.

Her outstanding work was honoured by awards and prizes, among which she was the most proud of the Imre Wellmann Award, the highest award given to Hungarian historians and museologists. She was a great colleague and a good friend, to have lost her is very painful for us.

May she rest in peace.


Dr. Attila Ulrich


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