Szitha family


Szitha family


The origin of the family name is unknown. According to family legend a Crusader got the land of the village Szita in Transylvania from Andrew II of Jerusalem (1205 – 1235) King of Hungary. However, it is not proved by any written document.

The most valuable document owned by the Szitha family, a letter patent containing grant of arms, is originated from 1606. István Bocskai (Stephen Bocskai) Prince of Transylvania (1605-1606) granted Márton Mérghes and János Szitha from Hajdú and Hadház, who fought heroically against the Habsburgs, noble rights on 8th September 1606. Márton Mérghes and János Szitha were cousins. Matthias II King of Hungary (1608 – 1618) confirmed the Szitha family's noble rights with his letter patent in 1610.

The family's coat of arms displays an armoured arm on a green hummock with a sword in its hand striking into a red heart, which reveals its Székely origin, since it is the same as the coat of arms of Háromszék county, Kingdom of Hungary (now in Romania, part of Transylvania).

The descendants of the Szitha family faced the difficulties of the next centuries and they were involved in them actively, for example they fought in the Revolution and War of Independence of 1848-1849.

With the grant of arms István Bocskai gave the Szitha family eternal ownership of particular lands in the Nyírség, Kemecse and Ludastó dűlő. The family members increased their lands later on, since they were not only great soldiers but hard-working farmers as well.


Letter patent of the grant of arms by István Bocskai:





Letter patent of grant of arms by Matthias II:







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