Dr. Miklós Kállay

Dr. Miklós Kállay de Nagykálló (Nicholas Kallay)

(23 January 1887, Nyíregyháza – 14 January 1967, New York)

(Abstract of the Hungarian original works)



His father: András Kállay de Nagykálló, served as lord-lieutenant in Szabolcs county.

His mother: Vilma Csuha

He was their fifth son.


1906: graduated from the secondary school of Budapest

Universities: Budapest, Genf, Drezden, Paris

He was married to Helén Kállay in 1914 and they had three sons: Kristóf, Miklós and András.

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Tibor kállay

Tibor Kállay de Nagykálló

(6th January 1881, Budapest 24th May 1964, Budapest)


His father: Rudolf Kállay (1853 – 1920) surgent, hospital director

His mother: Malvin Dobóczky de Duboveczi (1860-1939)

He was their eldest son. His first wife was Mary Nietsche, his second wife was Ilona Oroszy from 1924. They had only one child, Tibor (1909 – 1983). His sister, Helén was Prime Minister Miklós Kállay's wife.


He graduated from the Catholic Secondary School in Debrecen and graduated from the University of Budapestas Juris Doctor.


1905: worked at the Tax Inspectorate in District IV of Budapest

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András Kállay

András Kállay de Nagykálló

(1st April 1839, Napkor – 18th October 1919, Nyíregyháza)



He studied in a public school in Wien. He went home after graduating in 1860. He made long trips in England and France in 1862.


After his arrival home he worked in the administration of the local government of Szabolcs county.

1866: joined the Regulation Associaton of the River Tisza in Upper – Szabolcs county

1874 – 1886 and 1889 – 1899: vice-president of the Regulation Associaton of the River Tisza in Upper – Szabolcs county

1886 – 1888: president of the Regulation Associaton of the River Tisza in Upper – Szabolcs county. His scientific articles about the regulation of the Tisza were published in local newspapers.

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Rudolf Kállay

Rudolf Kállay de Nagykálló

(13th November 1853, Kiscsere – 14th November 1920, Nyíregyháza)

(Abstract of the Hungarian original work)



His father: Ödön Kállay de Nagykálló, Juris Doctor, during the Revolution and War of Independence of 1848-1849 he supported Kossuth. He was chief judge in Szabolcs, Government Commissioner in Székesfehérvár and later in Komárom. He was convictedof high treason and sentenced to be hanged, his land and property was sentenced to be seized. Finally, he was granted a pardon.

His mother: Faragó Mária de Csépes. From their eight children only three grew up: István, Zoltán and Rudolf.

He studied in Pest and graduated as a doctor in 1878. He married to Malvin Dobóczky de Duboveczi in 1880. They had five children: Tibor, László, Iván, Rudolf and Helén. Helén married to Miklós Kállay de Nagykálló in 1914, who became later Prime Minister.


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Béni Kállay

Béni Kállay de Nagykálló

(22nd December 1839, Pest – 13th July 1903, Wien)

(Abstract of the Hungarian original work)



His father: István Kállay, economic and financial superior official

His mother: Amália Blaskovich


Mainly private teachers taught him in Pest. Mihály Táncsics (a well-known populist tribune and revolutionary writer) was also his teacher for a while. He learned Turkish from Ármin Vámbéry (orientalist, university professor) and he could speak Serbian and Russian as well. He was specially interested in the political, economic and social life of the Near Eastern and the Balkan countries.



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