New donations and items in the Kállay Collection

(Abstract of the Hungarian original work)


It is a crutial issue for a museum or for a public collection such as ours, as to grow the size of its inventory year by year. Since we do not have large sums of money available to purchase inherited items, our development is based on the altruistic donations of others. Fortunately, many peolpe think that donating is a moral duty. For now we have been used to getting more and more items from the members of the Kállay family year by year.

This year Miklós Kállay from Rome (younger son of Dr. Kristóf Kállay, museum-founder) brought us among others a film reel about Hungary shot by the Italians in 1956.



Dénes Kállay (son of András Kállay, who is the third son of Prime Minister Miklós Kállay)

from Göttingen, suprised us with two engravings from the 17th century.

Several hundred inherited documents ofa previously unknown branchof the Kállay family tree arrived to the Kállay Collection with the help of Kristóf Kállay (son of Miklós Kállay, who is the second son of Prime Minister Miklós Kállay).

Moreover Jenő Liptay's collateral relative exceededthesenewly arrived itemswith her donations at the end of 2013. Jenő Liptay, landowner in Bashalom and Nyírpazony (Berta-wineyard), citizen of Nyíregyháza (his palace in the lvin Square was one of the most beautiful buildings in the city), was an excellent scientist of economy in the Austro-Hungatian Monarchy and was Royal Economic Senior Counsellor from 1925 in the Regency Era. Jenő Liptay's collateral relative lives in Budapest, who gave the Kállay Collection a silver-gilt wreath crafted for the 50th wedding anniversary of Jenő Liptay and his wife, and the poem framed in Art Nouveau-styled pass-partout, crafted for, set to music and sung at Jenő Liptay's funeral in 1934.






Thank You very much for Your donations.


Dr. Attila Ulrich

museum director

(20th November 2013)




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